What about Taxes and Import Duty?

Many online shoppers in New Zelaand don’t realise that they may have to pay duty and GST when their purchases arrive in New Zealand.

Generally speaking,¬†GST has to be paid on items worth more than $400 coming from overseas. However, what many aren’t aware of is that some products are also liable to be charged import duty. Unfortunately, shoes are one of these products

The good news is that if the total amount of GST and duty on a product is less than $60 these charges are waived. What this equates to is that if you buy shoes worth more than around $225 in value, you will probably have to pay GST and duty.

Sounds complicated right?

The easy way to see if you’ll get hit with GST or Import Duty on you purchase is to visit the New Zealand Customs website: www.WhatsMyDuty.org.nz